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Because we do not have bus service at Trailblazer, we have many cars traveling on our neighborhood streets and in the parking lot before and after school. With this in mind, student safety is our top priority. At times it may be inconvenient, but we need to keep that in mind as we deal with traffic flow and parking. Street parking allowed is on both sides of S. Hackberry St. in front of the school. We want to be respectful neighbors. Please do not block any driveways or intersections. We encourage students to buddy up and walk or ride their bikes to school as much as possible and as weather permits.

All traffic is one way. Only enter through the east entrance and proceed through the drop off lane or through the parking lot.




The first few weeks of school, give yourself a few extra minutes and please be patient. We usually get all the cars through (in and out) in less than 10 minutes. Kids enter the building at 8:35. Last minute arrivals typically mean a student will be tardy. Tardies will not be excused because of traffic.

We line up outside everyday. Trailblazer staff will begin providing supervision at 8:30; therefore, students should not arrive earlier than 8:30. Students not in their classrooms by 8:40 will be considered tardy. If we do an inside arrival because of inclement weather, students will be let into the building at approximately 8:30 AM and allowed to proceed directly to their classrooms. Inclement weather includes when the temperature drops below 20 degrees or severe rain or snow is present. Students should arrive in appropriate clothes for the weather. We will line up outside in light rain or light snow. Students will not be allowed in the building or to go to their class early, unless inclement weather line-up is in place.


Drop Off Procedures- Do’s and Don’ts

Get to school a few minutes early to relieve traffic congestion.
Go through either of the drop off lanes (FRONT KISS-N-GO and WEST KISS-N-GO) to drop off students. Give them a kiss and go.
Have students exit cars on the passenger side only and onto the sidewalk.
Move to the left hand lane to pull out.
Always check to the back and side and in your blind spot for oncoming traffic.
Drive slowly.

Park in the drop off lane and get out of your car.
Wait until your car is in front of the entrance to let your child out. They can get out anywhere in the drop off lane where there is a sidewalk.
Get out of your car to let your child out. This is a “kiss-n-go” lane.
Speed through the lane.


Pick Up Procedures:

Cars typically begin pulling in about 3:20 to line up. The line often extends out of the parking lot down S. Hackberry Street. Please do not block the entrance to the parking lot as there is only one lane into the parking and drop off/pick up areas..

Pull all the way forward in the lane.
Have your child meet you at your car.
Pull out using the left side of the lane.
Pull forward when space is available. You can look for open spots past the crosswalk and skip ahead to them, too.
Have students enter the car on the passenger side only.

Speed through the lane.
Use the parking lot as a pick up area unless you parked in a spot.
Leave your car unattended in the pick up lane. This causes frustration and is a safety hazard.


Walkers and Bike Riders:

Students who walk or ride their bikes need to stay on the sidewalk or in the bike lane as appropriate. Students should only cross the street at designated crosswalks where there is supervision. Crosswalk supervision begins at approximately 8:20 AM.

Students must walk their bikes and scooters once they are on school property. Riding bikes and scooters around and between people is disrespectful and unsafe.

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