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Trailblazer has access to the services of ThunderRidge High School / Highlands Ranch / Western Region Nurses. Parents wishing to speak with an area nurse can call 303-916-9644. There is a Health Services Directory on the DCSD website. Keep in mind that Trailblazer does not have a nurse on staff. The entire office staff of Trailblazer is trained yearly in first aid and CPR to assist children in the school health room.


We are following the CDPHE Return to Learn protocol for students who have been out sick, which is the same as last school year. 

Any student who has been out for more than 24 hours with a major COVID symptom: 

·  Fever over 100 degrees

·  New/worsening cough

·  Shortness of breath 

needs a COVID PCR test (not rapid antigen) to return to school, or stay home for the full 10 day isolation period, day one being the first day of symptoms

Any student who is absent two days with minor symptoms:

·  Sore throat

·  Runny nose/congestion

·  Muscle/body aches

·  Headache

·  Fatigue

·  Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea

needs a COVID PCR test (not rapid antigen) to return to school, or stay home for the full 10 day isolation period, day one being the first day of symptoms


If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact Meghan Whitefoot, our school nurse, at or 303.519.3923.


Children who complain of illness are sent to the health room located in the school office. Facilities for administering care to an ill child are limited.

If your child vomits, has a temperature of 100 degrees or above, or appears to be unable to participate in the classroom, you will be contacted.
We make every effort to contact you or the emergency number so that your child can be taken home to recuperate in a comfortable place. Because of the limited amount of space in the health room for children who are ill, you are expected to make arrangements to pick up your child right away. Sick students will not be released from school unless accompanied by an adult. Students who are sent home must be free of fever, vomiting, or contagious conditions for 24 hours before returning to school... 48 hours for diarrhea.

Parents of students with known health problems should consult with the nurse consultant in order to provide more information as to how they prefer the school to handle that specific problem. This information will be put on a health care action plan that is shared with staff only as necessary.

Only children with a doctor's note will be kept in from recess for either illness or injury. As needed, students who suffer from severe allergies and/or asthma, will be allowed to remain inside during recess time.

Most injuries occurring at school require minimal assistance which will be administered by office personnel. If your child has a serious accident while at school, we will first attempt to contact the parents at home or at work. If we are unsuccessful in reaching either parent we will contact the emergency names and numbers and/or the doctor listed on your enrollment sheet. The office staff will determine when and if paramedics should be summoned.

It is recommended, whenever possible, that students take medicines before and after school rather than during the school day. All medications administered at school must be kept in the school office and released from there. The office keeps a written record of all medications given at school and will notify parents when a child's prescription is running low. No student should ever bring prescription or non-prescription medicines to school.


If prescription medications must be given at school, they must be brought in by parents in clearly labeled, original pharmacy bottle with the student's name, physician's name, dosage, name of medication, and current dates. A medication release form signed by both the parent and the doctor must accompany the medicine authorizing its release. It is the responsibility of the child to arrive at the office at the appointed time to take his/her medication. When a child cannot meet his/her responsibility, individual arrangements will be made. Changes in prescriptions must be documented in writing by the child's physician and have the pharmacy labels so that it can accommodate the new dosage. We will not accept any medication without the proper medication release, and/or properly labeled pharmacy bottle. CLICK HERE FOR THE MEDICATION RELEASE FORM.

These require the same medication release form and procedures as for prescription medicine. They must be in the original container. These are also kept in the school office.

The following are suggestions that will help maintain a healthy school environment, keep children well and stop the spread of illness.

Q: When can a child return to school?
A: ** After 24 hours of medication for the following conditions:
Strep Throat
Bacterial conjunctivitis (pink eye)
Infected skin eruptions
Other conditions requiring antibiotics
No fever for 24 hours without medication
No vomiting for 24 hours
No eye drainage for 24 hours

** After 48 hours for the following condition:
No diarrhea for 48 hours

Parents should be aware of the early signs and symptoms of illness such as:
Decreased activity - droopy, tired appearance
Irritable behavior - sleepy
Sore throat - swollen glands
Runny nose - cough
Skin eruptions - rashes
Nausea -- vomiting -- diarrhea
Abdominal pain
Fever (100 degrees or higher is considered a fever in DCSD)
Parents can help:
Check students health before they leave home
Keep students home when they have signs or symptoms of illness
Be sure your student knows where you are
Give school office current emergency contact information
Make arrangements with relatives or friends to take care of sick children if you are unable to do so yourself

Please contact the school if your child comes down with a contagious illness such as strep throat, chicken pox, etc.

State Required Immunizations:DTP 5 doses, POLIO 4 doses, MMR 2 doses, HEB B 3 doses, VARICELLA 2 dose.

When can a child return to school? After 24 hours of medication for the following conditions; Strep Throat, Conjunctivitis, Rash, infected skin eruptions, or other conditions requiring antibiotics. No fever for 24 hours. No vomiting for 24 hours. No eye drainage for 24 hours. No diarrhea for 48 hours.

Our Douglas County School Nurse Consultant is Meghan Whitefoot.  She can be reached at 303-387-6263 or 303.519.3923.

A student will be sent home if they exhibit any of the following : Skin rashes, Nausea/vomiting, Severe pain of any type, Fever of 100 degrees or more, Eye drainage. Other areas of concern include decreased activity, irritable behavior, sore throat/ swollen glands, runny nose/cough.

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